Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I attended BoiseCrypt on Friday. Staying up to 1AM and then getting up at 6AM was not fun. My program had some problems that needed emergency fixing.
I also learned about symmetric key encryption - none of the other people there did that
, they did public key... and I don't know much about public key so I didn't understand it. I also didn't know what 'groups' are, which apparently is a group of numbers that when you do some operation on two of them, you get another one in the group. I am not sure how that would work, but I guess some do. I was so tired it was hard to focus. I also realized that I did not explain actually how the LFSR works while I was presenting my speech.
It was very confusing to me...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Operation LeakSpin

You may not agree with WikiLeaks, and if you don't believe in the idea behind this operation, then stop reading.
Operation LeakSpin is a peaceful protest to the arrest of Julian Assange.
The idea is simple: Download the wikileaks documents, read them, and make a summary. Post a video of it on youtube, and show the rules and why they should help with your cause. Together, we will piece together this fabric.
Precede all videos with [LEAKSPIN].
Fighting for freedom means nothing if our freedom is censored!!


Me and Suzanne (sorry if I butchered your name there) are going to be going to BOISEcrypt, which is a small cryptology conference in- you guessed it- Boise. There has not been much going on with my job recently besides prepping for it (which I am doing tonight quite a bit). I have to do about a 30 minute speech. I am repairing my cryptographer program, which appears to have reverted to an older version... <_<. I also added some sounds for the menu and other stuff. I will attempt to complete the shrinking and geffe generators (they do their task, however they do not decrypt, and shrinking does not encrypt at all). I'm thinking I'll finish Geffe, and for the crypt I'll leave shrinking as a concept.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Lurking Turkey

I have a speech tomorrow about Being in Earnest, and I'm not sure what to write about. Computers yes, but what about them!? It sounds like it's supposed to be partially persuasive. I don't exactly know what about my speech will be persuasive... Not going to go with that stupid Windows vs Mac thing. Perhaps I will tell about the different versions of Windows. I know quite a bit on that. Wouldn't be too difficult.
Windows 1/2, 3/3.1, 4(95,98,Millennium), 5(NT/2000/XP) 6(Vista) and Windows 7(6.1).

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mgamerz Productions Cryptographer

This is my cryptography program, which isn't totally finished yet. Shrinking now works (It's very simple). Geffe Key will soon be completely finished, and the LFSR program is finished (with the exception of one bug that will be fixed soon).
I renamed it from LFSR to Cryptographer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sickness :(

It's been a long time since I posted. I was pretty busy the last time I was going to post, and then I just spaced it. I was goign to post after my meeting with my sponsor on Friday, but I got the flu, and haven't anything but play loads of prototype killing off the infection (in game and real life... i hope).
Don't drink anything that can burn your mouth while you are sick. e.g. hot soup, hot chocolate... I did. And since my immune system is weakened right now, I got canker sores ALL over my mouth. I have like 15 on my tongue right now, and I have a speech tomorrow. Not fun.

This week I don't have too much to do. Just make the Shrinking Generator, and that's about it. You take 2 streams of keybits:
and where the top line is one, you put whatever is in the same slot on the second one into our new stream of keybits. The period is much longer.
In this example, the new stream would be...
Hopefully I'll be over this sickness soon, I look terrible :(

Monday, November 1, 2010

Download my encryption program (finished!)

So I finally finished my VERNAM LFSR program. You can test it out and see encryption/decryption in action! You can either have it straight encrypt/decrypt (which will yield both the same input and output), or you can encrypt and then change the seed/key values (which is what someone intercepting would try to use as seed/keys if they didn't know what the correct values were) and try to decrypt it and see the garbage text it pulls out.
Runs on Windows XP and above.
Get it here:

This beast took about 15 hours to make (it looks simple but there is a ton of math involved)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Razor Wars

Alright, even though this is my productions blog, I couldn't think of a better place to put a comparison between 2 razors. Gilette asked me to explain, and I finally checked my twitter's mentions box (why can't they make it easier to see mentions?)

@hydroexperience vs @gillette

I received both the Gilleette Fusion Proglide Power and the Schick Hydro 5 razor kit (Comes with shaving gel, 5 blades and the razor... stick. I guess that means 4 cartridges and 1 razor).
To start with, that didn't make me biased since one was clearly worth more than the other (One was about $13, the other was about $22). I have not used the shaving gel at all on the schick, or the new blades yet.

There isn't exactly a ton to say about the razors though. They either do their job, or they don't.
I'll start with Gillette.

Gillette has previously been my razor company, with me previously owning a manual fusion. That razor was nice. And the Proglide did improve on it. The blades are indeed thinner, but you cannot see that much of a difference really. You guys mainly said that the blades are thinner, but there is no visible difference. When I first used the razor, it was pretty good. I was on my last cartridge for my fusion, and Gillette, your cartridges are so expensive (although I am not sure about schicks, they both might be expensive) that people just don't want to buy new ones. If you could get lower prices in the stores (or give out coupons on say a regular basis?) I'd be buying them much more often.
The power feature on the ProGlide was new to me. Yes, it was also the highlight of many of my families jokes, which I won't mention. I found this to be somewhat weird, but after a few times using it, I started to like it. The battery life of it is pretty amazing, I got this back about the day it came out (shipped about a week before you released it), and it's still chuggin' along. It does make it more smooth than without it. However, your commericals always say that there is less 'tug and pull'. That to me simply is not the case. There is a very slight bit less than your previous generation blade, but I still feel the tug and pull, and I don't like it.

I have never used schick, and never really wanted to (I was always happy with my Gillette), but recently I became a freebie hunter (and its freaking awesome), and I got the Schick Package from Lat34. I think that is one of the partners who gave out the kits.
You can see the kit being opened right here (I did not know I had won one), it's about a minute in.

I have never used Shaving Gel (and I might someday... when I have plenty of time to do nothing during the day. Most days I am busy and do not have time to figure it out, although I'm sure it is rather easy)
So I opened it, and Gillette, you did win on the design. The Schick razor... well it isn't exactly pretty.
The look of the Hyrdo5 is sleek. Although, it's kind of not... manly sleek. It's kind of... girly sleek. Not saying that is bad. When I first got it, I thought it was terrible looking. Of course, I could be using the worlds best woman's razor, and it could be the ugliest thing ever, but that's not what really matters, is it?
The blade styles of Schick and Gillette's razors are different.
Gillette's razor features 5 blades on the blade face, and one blade on the top, for 'precision trimming'. I like that feature on their blades because it does exactly that. It also has a lotion... strip (not sure the name) above the bladeface to make the shave a bit more smooth. (Dont' you think it would be at the bottom...? I don't know. It helps.) Both razors at the bottom have a rubber tool that lines hair up to the blades. The one of the ProGlide is much more visible, and does a better job, however I find that the Schick blade is actually closer to the skin so it doesn't have to have one as visible/well. Both razors performed just about identically in terms of actually getting the job done.

Blade Faces of both Razors
Precision Trimming mode for both razors 

I found that the ProGlide has much more tug and pull than the Hyrdo, but it more alleviated by the power version than the standard version (just turning the power off). I think the reason behind this is because the lubrication strip on the Gillette is very small (and in the pictures, very used, however the lubrication on the cartridge comes off VERY fast, and I only shave like every 2-3 days). The Schick one has 'resevoirs', which appear to actually be spilling out on this picture because there is just so much of it. I'm kind of worried that they might fall off when I'm shaving, and that would suck, considering it pretty much ruins the cart.
Along the other minor differences, the blade spacing on the Hydro is much more than the ProGlide, where you can actually see to the back. This makes cleaning it so much easier because hair doesn't get caught between the blades. Before taking the pictures I had to clean the Gillette (I do it every week or so), and it takes about 5 minutes with a paper towel (and some soap... and water).
So thats my review. Both razors perform their jobs well, however the comfort of the Schick blade is much more than the ProGlide. Perhaps the ProGlide is meant to be used with Shaving Gel, although the Schick one might be as well, but without shaving gel I found that the Hydro 5 is the winner here. I'll still be keeping both razors however.

I'm not affiliated with either Schick or Gillette. (Unless you count their facebook and twitter pages)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Array out of bounds

So I'm making the LFSR program, and while I'm creating the stream of bits that I will use to encrypt the data with, the language I am using seems to be bugging out. The array I am working with just dies, and theres no real way around it. I can't really continue (I can, but I can't test it, which will SUCK!), but it shouldn't be too hard. Converting from MAPLE to GML is really hard, as MAPLE handles lists and ordered pairs easily, but mine doesn't, so I am constantly having to convert to a list and back to a string/real.
I even locked up my machine once when I made an infinite loop.
I have been working on it for hours now and I'm only making slight progress, asking GMC for assistance on this one....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Latest Work

I haven't been able to do anything recently because I have had to work on a group speech that's way behind schedule, due friday (17 minutes!!!). I have been working all week on this thing in all spare time, so I haven't had any time to do STEP work unfortunately.
Although, I got to know Donny better after the STEP meeting, so I guess the social interaction part of STEP was met?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Comparison of Like Boxes

Make sure wordwrap is off before you copy this text. On notepad, go to Format>Wordwrap (untick).
These were a serious pain to compile because the facebook developer page does not update as you select settings. It NEVER updates itself, so all settings hae to be manually set...
and facebook by default does not include a background, which makes these boxes terribly hard to read. Found a workaround.
Copy the ENTIRE line you wish to use.


Dark Theme, With Header and Content

Dark Theme, No Header with Content

Dark Theme, Header with No Content

Dark Theme, No Header and No Content


Dark Theme, With Header and Content

Dark Theme, No Header with Content

Dark Theme, Header with No Content

Dark Theme, No Header and No Content


Light Theme, With Header and Content

Light Theme, No Header with Content

Light Theme, Header with No Content

Light Theme, No Header and No Content

LIGHT THEMES - WHITE BACKGROUND (Needed for easy reading on white theme)

Light Theme, With Header and Content

Light Theme, No Header with Content

Light Theme, Header with No Content

Light Theme, No Header and No Content

Technically Speaking

My basic encryption program
So right now I'm working on my encryption program. And I'm not doing too well right now. MAPLE does not do any syntax highlighting that I'm use to. Everything is red, and I have a few processes written in it. One is called LFSR and the other is called LFSR and another one is called VERNAM.

Lets just say having LFSR and the other one called LFSR2 is really confusing. It'd be great if the BLADE servers at BSU were actually useful to me instead of not. They won't install MAPLE for me. So I can't make use of anything at school from home, which severely limits me being able to test what does what in this program. Programming makes you think very, VERY logically. Maybe technical is the proper word? But it's really difficult. If you make one mistake, everything snowballs and you have to... 'backtrace it' (dang meme!).
So right now I'm trying to figure out how to translate his language into mine of GML... I should probably consider learning one used in the field that will actually be useful someday, huh?

Friday, October 15, 2010


Click to view MAPLE LFSR data
Here's the LFSR I worked on in MAPLE, I finally got around to getting into the lab and retrieved it. Now I'll be able to use it to figure out how to incorporate an LFSR into my program.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LFSR Program you can test (Incomplete)

So I made an LFSR program. Well... it doesn't do an LFSR yet. I haven't met with Doc recently so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. And I should probably get into the math lab tomorrow morning. And the admin building to figure out my pay plan... I lost the routing number so I hope my bank is open early, but for some reason I doubt it will be open early. I'll check after I finish writing this.
So I got dual monitors now on this computer, and my old Quadro FX 2000 (got it for free at my last job out of a server I pillaged (and then later boiled water on the processor, but it evaporated before I could make some ramen on it too... had only like 15 seconds before the water disappeared :/ ) is really squealing under the pressure of having to actually do it's job and have two monitors (has 2 DVI ports). This card is from... probably 2003, and since it's a server card (a graphics server, for the GIS data distribution and rendering around United Water) it actually stood up somewhat to the test of time. However having two pretty big displays is not going too well. I'm seeing some terrible performance on both screens and trails when I move my windows, and the refresh rate is below what the monitor shows (at 60hz).
My Z
Anyways, I updated my LFSR program. It... doesn't do LFSR yet, but you can test out and figure out how to write stuff in binary! Or at least let the program do it for you.

Press 'D' to make it convert with a /dummy/ LFSR (of no change) and convert back to normal!
Download here
Only runs on Windows XP or higher.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Strategery and Speechcraft go hand in hand

So I just remembered I have to do 2 presentations tomorrow. I'm going to have a lot of communications in a row...
Better get back to writing it. Better use some Strategery in this...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stage 2.1

I haven't done anything since I haven't had real computer access. Well I have, but not to the programs I need. On a brighter note though, I just bought a 20" LCD monitor to replace this behemoth CRT... 17", I think. It'll be a widescreen. It's not a super nice one (at a super not nice price of course), but hey, I got it almost 60% off for $65 shipped. You can't find deals like that anywhere else. I plan to buy a 2 TERABYTE hard drive later this week, so that I'll be able to install Windows 7 on this new computer. Right now I have 2 hard drives in it, a 3GB and a 4GB, and it allows NO room for installing (or even updates) on Ubuntu 10.04. Today, 10.10 came out, but I can't update to it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

LFSR Stage 2

This is my LFSR Program. On the left, you have the letter, in the middle, you have the ASCII equivalent, and on the right, you have the binary version of the ASCII number. Getting the 0's before the 1's on the decimal to binary conversion was a pain. You don't write a number 0121. You write it 121. That's how my programming language of GML works too. It has been a week since I was with my instructor and now I don't remember how to feed my string to the LFSR for encryption, and I couldn't get into the math lab to find my file, so I guess we'll just be packing this program to him tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LFSR Stage 1

Here's a small program I am making. Those codes on the right are the ASCII codes, or the numeric value of what a letter is if you looked it up in a table. Although, I can't seem to get teh end character to line up. It's either double first, the end is gone...

To Binary, or not

Today I went to a STEP meeting. It was fun, I really like the people from STEP. It's a great way to find other people too. Today I have to finally work on my LFSR program, which... I don't know if it's even possible cause my programming language is not made for super mathematics.
Also, I can't use the BLADE servers my instructor wants me to, so.......
I can't work from home.
That's convenient...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

250 Videos

Today marks the day I have 250 public videos on youtube! I chose it as public videos because it's pointless to celebrate on 238 public videos for an overall total of 250.
So check out my awesome (albeit random) 250 video when it gets social pushed later!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is my new logo for the site! I got lazy and couldn't make the black areas transparent, but hey, it still looks good.
I also helped Shandra (with an h!) set up her blogger, the first person to finally respond to this thing.
Might have to help some students on Wednesday.

Also uploaded a new video, Customizing Blogger 2.

Also currently rendering Set Up Thunderbird Email Client, with soon to follow Using Thunderbird Email Client. Thunderbird is great because it lets you add all your email accounts into one program. Maybe not as fast as gmail, but having 5 emails all in one place is really nice.


So today I met with my... eh... instructor I guess? I don't know what his title would be to me right now. Is he a Doctor in mathematics? Anyways, I met with Marion, my instructor (named Dr. Math from here on), and we learned about Maple 14, a mathematical programming language and program. It does pretty robust math, and is terribly bad at keeping itself in text mode where you can input stuff instead of math mode... which I'm not sure what it does yet.
Anyways, I learned about it and got an account to the MathLab 104, which runs CentOS, a derivative of Fedora (Dev of RedHat, Commercial)(I think). I don't know why but when I logged in I got this 1996 nostalgic style linux that sucked really bad and only could open Maple. It was rather annoying, I was jealous of the Fedora looks that Doc had on his machine. Not to mention the fact that I couldn't maximize the window or move it even.
Anyways I learned it a bit and we encrypted the text "HELLO WORLD!"... With an LFSR, but we never had time to decrypt it.
That's all fine and dandy, buy my task for the week was to build this 'basic encryption scheme' into the programming languages I know (only one so far), which is GML, which is heavily enhanced for making games, not deeper mathematics, but a derivative of... C or something. I don't know, I don't use GML too much anymore since the game I was programming has been stalled because of... well, encryption and writing variables to a file and then losing the variable names when I reload the game which completely ruins the use of a save file.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this... I don't know languages that are more universal than focused on things.
I guess we'll figure it out sometime...

If you are wondering about the game I am programming, this is it right here. I'm not sure whats up with the hosting site, it appears to have lost all the images and replaced them with this logo.

StarBord: The F...
Added: 20 June 2007
By: Mgamerz


Age: 18
Location: Idaho

Upon Further investigation, it looks like theres either some stuff with the site right now or they are just under maintenance. Hopefully the images will work again soon.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video - Embedding a Video (Youtube)

Type some stuff here (TEST TEST TEST)
Microsoft Sam loves you

Blogger Start Up + RSS Graffiti

Here's how to set up Blogger for the first time and have RSS Graffiti to boot.


Social Plugin Test

RSS Graffitti

As a technology freak, I love to be in control of technology. Since I went to this meeting for STEP, I feel like I'm really part of something... bigger than just being me. I'm one of the first 10 people in Idaho for this project, it's up to me to be a part of the team and make this program lift off the ground.
I put up the STEP facebook page, at this link.

I also tried to set up importing an RSS feed via notes... which didn't work at all, for unknown reasons only known to Mark Zuckerburg.
I forgot about a program that I've seen IdeoProductions uses (The World According to Jon, Is it a good idea to microwave this? GTFO My Deck, The Riley Mcelwain Show (totally spelled wrong, sorry Riley)) that pushes multiple RSS feeds to a page, called RSS Graffiti. I can aggregate these feeds to one facebook page so it's easy to see the progress on all fronts without having to individually hit every blog, and we can probably push it to twitter as well! I also find that RSS Grafiti is much better than the notes RSS feed.

"Looks, it's that kid we saw on the internet!!!"
Hahaha :)