Thursday, October 14, 2010

LFSR Program you can test (Incomplete)

So I made an LFSR program. Well... it doesn't do an LFSR yet. I haven't met with Doc recently so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. And I should probably get into the math lab tomorrow morning. And the admin building to figure out my pay plan... I lost the routing number so I hope my bank is open early, but for some reason I doubt it will be open early. I'll check after I finish writing this.
So I got dual monitors now on this computer, and my old Quadro FX 2000 (got it for free at my last job out of a server I pillaged (and then later boiled water on the processor, but it evaporated before I could make some ramen on it too... had only like 15 seconds before the water disappeared :/ ) is really squealing under the pressure of having to actually do it's job and have two monitors (has 2 DVI ports). This card is from... probably 2003, and since it's a server card (a graphics server, for the GIS data distribution and rendering around United Water) it actually stood up somewhat to the test of time. However having two pretty big displays is not going too well. I'm seeing some terrible performance on both screens and trails when I move my windows, and the refresh rate is below what the monitor shows (at 60hz).
My Z
Anyways, I updated my LFSR program. It... doesn't do LFSR yet, but you can test out and figure out how to write stuff in binary! Or at least let the program do it for you.

Press 'D' to make it convert with a /dummy/ LFSR (of no change) and convert back to normal!
Download here
Only runs on Windows XP or higher.