Sunday, October 31, 2010

Razor Wars

Alright, even though this is my productions blog, I couldn't think of a better place to put a comparison between 2 razors. Gilette asked me to explain, and I finally checked my twitter's mentions box (why can't they make it easier to see mentions?)

@hydroexperience vs @gillette

I received both the Gilleette Fusion Proglide Power and the Schick Hydro 5 razor kit (Comes with shaving gel, 5 blades and the razor... stick. I guess that means 4 cartridges and 1 razor).
To start with, that didn't make me biased since one was clearly worth more than the other (One was about $13, the other was about $22). I have not used the shaving gel at all on the schick, or the new blades yet.

There isn't exactly a ton to say about the razors though. They either do their job, or they don't.
I'll start with Gillette.

Gillette has previously been my razor company, with me previously owning a manual fusion. That razor was nice. And the Proglide did improve on it. The blades are indeed thinner, but you cannot see that much of a difference really. You guys mainly said that the blades are thinner, but there is no visible difference. When I first used the razor, it was pretty good. I was on my last cartridge for my fusion, and Gillette, your cartridges are so expensive (although I am not sure about schicks, they both might be expensive) that people just don't want to buy new ones. If you could get lower prices in the stores (or give out coupons on say a regular basis?) I'd be buying them much more often.
The power feature on the ProGlide was new to me. Yes, it was also the highlight of many of my families jokes, which I won't mention. I found this to be somewhat weird, but after a few times using it, I started to like it. The battery life of it is pretty amazing, I got this back about the day it came out (shipped about a week before you released it), and it's still chuggin' along. It does make it more smooth than without it. However, your commericals always say that there is less 'tug and pull'. That to me simply is not the case. There is a very slight bit less than your previous generation blade, but I still feel the tug and pull, and I don't like it.

I have never used schick, and never really wanted to (I was always happy with my Gillette), but recently I became a freebie hunter (and its freaking awesome), and I got the Schick Package from Lat34. I think that is one of the partners who gave out the kits.
You can see the kit being opened right here (I did not know I had won one), it's about a minute in.

I have never used Shaving Gel (and I might someday... when I have plenty of time to do nothing during the day. Most days I am busy and do not have time to figure it out, although I'm sure it is rather easy)
So I opened it, and Gillette, you did win on the design. The Schick razor... well it isn't exactly pretty.
The look of the Hyrdo5 is sleek. Although, it's kind of not... manly sleek. It's kind of... girly sleek. Not saying that is bad. When I first got it, I thought it was terrible looking. Of course, I could be using the worlds best woman's razor, and it could be the ugliest thing ever, but that's not what really matters, is it?
The blade styles of Schick and Gillette's razors are different.
Gillette's razor features 5 blades on the blade face, and one blade on the top, for 'precision trimming'. I like that feature on their blades because it does exactly that. It also has a lotion... strip (not sure the name) above the bladeface to make the shave a bit more smooth. (Dont' you think it would be at the bottom...? I don't know. It helps.) Both razors at the bottom have a rubber tool that lines hair up to the blades. The one of the ProGlide is much more visible, and does a better job, however I find that the Schick blade is actually closer to the skin so it doesn't have to have one as visible/well. Both razors performed just about identically in terms of actually getting the job done.

Blade Faces of both Razors
Precision Trimming mode for both razors 

I found that the ProGlide has much more tug and pull than the Hyrdo, but it more alleviated by the power version than the standard version (just turning the power off). I think the reason behind this is because the lubrication strip on the Gillette is very small (and in the pictures, very used, however the lubrication on the cartridge comes off VERY fast, and I only shave like every 2-3 days). The Schick one has 'resevoirs', which appear to actually be spilling out on this picture because there is just so much of it. I'm kind of worried that they might fall off when I'm shaving, and that would suck, considering it pretty much ruins the cart.
Along the other minor differences, the blade spacing on the Hydro is much more than the ProGlide, where you can actually see to the back. This makes cleaning it so much easier because hair doesn't get caught between the blades. Before taking the pictures I had to clean the Gillette (I do it every week or so), and it takes about 5 minutes with a paper towel (and some soap... and water).
So thats my review. Both razors perform their jobs well, however the comfort of the Schick blade is much more than the ProGlide. Perhaps the ProGlide is meant to be used with Shaving Gel, although the Schick one might be as well, but without shaving gel I found that the Hydro 5 is the winner here. I'll still be keeping both razors however.

I'm not affiliated with either Schick or Gillette. (Unless you count their facebook and twitter pages)