Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stage 2.1

I haven't done anything since I haven't had real computer access. Well I have, but not to the programs I need. On a brighter note though, I just bought a 20" LCD monitor to replace this behemoth CRT... 17", I think. It'll be a widescreen. It's not a super nice one (at a super not nice price of course), but hey, I got it almost 60% off for $65 shipped. You can't find deals like that anywhere else. I plan to buy a 2 TERABYTE hard drive later this week, so that I'll be able to install Windows 7 on this new computer. Right now I have 2 hard drives in it, a 3GB and a 4GB, and it allows NO room for installing (or even updates) on Ubuntu 10.04. Today, 10.10 came out, but I can't update to it.