Saturday, October 16, 2010

Technically Speaking

My basic encryption program
So right now I'm working on my encryption program. And I'm not doing too well right now. MAPLE does not do any syntax highlighting that I'm use to. Everything is red, and I have a few processes written in it. One is called LFSR and the other is called LFSR and another one is called VERNAM.

Lets just say having LFSR and the other one called LFSR2 is really confusing. It'd be great if the BLADE servers at BSU were actually useful to me instead of not. They won't install MAPLE for me. So I can't make use of anything at school from home, which severely limits me being able to test what does what in this program. Programming makes you think very, VERY logically. Maybe technical is the proper word? But it's really difficult. If you make one mistake, everything snowballs and you have to... 'backtrace it' (dang meme!).
So right now I'm trying to figure out how to translate his language into mine of GML... I should probably consider learning one used in the field that will actually be useful someday, huh?