Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I attended BoiseCrypt on Friday. Staying up to 1AM and then getting up at 6AM was not fun. My program had some problems that needed emergency fixing.
I also learned about symmetric key encryption - none of the other people there did that
, they did public key... and I don't know much about public key so I didn't understand it. I also didn't know what 'groups' are, which apparently is a group of numbers that when you do some operation on two of them, you get another one in the group. I am not sure how that would work, but I guess some do. I was so tired it was hard to focus. I also realized that I did not explain actually how the LFSR works while I was presenting my speech.
It was very confusing to me...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Operation LeakSpin

You may not agree with WikiLeaks, and if you don't believe in the idea behind this operation, then stop reading.
Operation LeakSpin is a peaceful protest to the arrest of Julian Assange.
The idea is simple: Download the wikileaks documents, read them, and make a summary. Post a video of it on youtube, and show the rules and why they should help with your cause. Together, we will piece together this fabric.
Precede all videos with [LEAKSPIN].
Fighting for freedom means nothing if our freedom is censored!!


Me and Suzanne (sorry if I butchered your name there) are going to be going to BOISEcrypt, which is a small cryptology conference in- you guessed it- Boise. There has not been much going on with my job recently besides prepping for it (which I am doing tonight quite a bit). I have to do about a 30 minute speech. I am repairing my cryptographer program, which appears to have reverted to an older version... <_<. I also added some sounds for the menu and other stuff. I will attempt to complete the shrinking and geffe generators (they do their task, however they do not decrypt, and shrinking does not encrypt at all). I'm thinking I'll finish Geffe, and for the crypt I'll leave shrinking as a concept.