Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cryptographer - Java Edition

So I have finally started on programming my Cryptographer in Java. I don't know how far I will get before the conference, because java handles binary much differently than my language (due to the ease of using strings).
****Mgamerz Productions Cryptographer****
***************Java Version**************

The fonts don't look right because the fonts on the web are most times not fixed width (e.g. i is not the same width as w:: i w iw iw iw wi wiwiwiw iii www)
I have somewhat learned how RSA works (still confusing to me), but once I pad the seed values that I use for my LFSR it should be pretty easy to send an email.
I have also started to use Eclipse. It takes like 2 days to load for some reason (In VirtualBox), and the interface seems so... cramped. Although I did like how it auto completes stuff. I did a few tutorials. It is somewhat nice, but there is just too much stuff everywhere.