Thursday, March 24, 2011

Console Version of Cryptographer almost finished

So I have been working on my program, and the console version is almost finished!!!
I was in my computer science class yesterday, and he was talking about how much more simple breaking the code down into small methods was. Using that, I can create local variables inside of the methods that get destroyed when the method closes, and only return what I need. I have been able to cut down on my code quite a bit. With only 1 method (excluding the method it is in), performGeffe() used to be 48 lines long. Now with 6 methods, it is only 8 lines long!!!
Not this kind of console.
I also have been able to use the StringTokenizer method to make parsing seed values (as strings) much easier. I am just about ready to use the RSA portion to encrypt the keys, which will nearly finalize the core of the program (I might make menu's using switch statements).