Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Undergraduate Research Conference

So yesterday I finally had the Undergraduate Research Conference.
Safe to say, I didn't sleep much the night before.
Mainly, this was due to two things:
Working on a demo program that was already finished took FOR-E-VER. It works fine for me because I know how ti works, but only since I know what values it works with.
Say it asks me to put in a polynomial, and I put in 101. If I put in a seed of 10001, they aren't the same lengths, and when it does the math it will get to the 4th digit of seed and attempt to multiply it by a non-existant digit in poly, and then it will commit suicide and return to the desktop, which is unacceptable for a public program like this.
Also, I had to do some field testing with people to see if they would understand how to use it if I wasn't at my station... which never happened because I was almost always explaining my poster, until about 30 minutes after the conference actually ended at 4PM.
Oh, and I also was nervous. That was the second reason I didn't sleep.
But overall, I loved it. It was a blast. The first few times I spoke about it, it was a bit... confusing (since i barely had time to practice since the demo was actually my backup plan... I was originally planning on showing the email program but I just didn't want to chance not having one to show, because I am not that experienced in java yet.
I also don't have any pictures yet... I have a few (one that shandra took, and one that some others took), but most of them are blurry so I can't really show it.
Now that I had this conference, I kind of want to do more. As long as its not super hot in the room like it was earlier.
And good thing Blogger autosaves drafts! I was uploading my  poster and apparently theres an error with my file host and it killed firefox. Looks like I'll have to find a new file host until it's fixed -_-
You can view the full version here.