Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MPC Update 7/5/2011

Today is July 5th and here is today's status update on the Mgamerz Productions Cryptographer project.

I've finally come up with a name(might have mentioned this before). I can't tell you it until I release it, but it's clever. It might not make sense (in more ways than one!) at first but once you understand the premise behind it, it works out just fine.

Although, internally it'll still be Mgamerz Productions Cryptographer, or MPC for short. All traces of MPC though have been removed from the application for Android.

On the Java version front, signing has been added, and unsigning will soon be added. I once again have to add stuff to RSAKeygen, which I REALLY should work on otherwise nobody will be able to create settings.
I'm also working out some idea kinks that android has thrown at me. Since it doesn't operate like a GUI desktop does with a file browser, it's going to be a bit different.
I copy and pasted a few of my library classes into the program, and for everything but Swing it imported alright. There's a ton of optimizing to do but so far I don't need to do any of that.
Still, the application doesn't do anything. Well actually, it emails me now, and hopefully within the month I can open a private beta test, most likely through XDA or Freenodes #android-dev channel. Hope I don't run into too many problems - there shouldn't be as this code seems to be pretty universal, unlike a game.
The Java version is so ugly in comparison... I will clean up the layouts and /maybe/ ditch Swing if I muster up the motivation. Swing is horrendous and always will be horrendous. I understand why swing exists in its ugliness, but its still its ugliness.
Anyways, a screenie of a FULLY WORKING (as in everything shown does what it supposed to do - well, except for the disabled components of course, but those will be next (following encryption of them!)