Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Featured on XDA-Developers Home Page

While technically I didn't have a big feature here, I was somewhat in the news for my... tomfoolery with the new Authentec Fingerprint Scanner SDK for Android, namely the Motorola ATRIX. I put together an FAQ/Guide to problems that are in the SDK Documentation and items that aren't described that well. That got me featured on (their homepage of their 4 million+ member forum that is renowned for it's development and hacking of phones).
Probably my biggest breakthrough yet.
I have also entered the Motorola MotoDEV contest for fingerprint scanner uses - so far there are no competitors, but if you win (by having the most kudos) I get featured on MotoDEV and that will be great for me because Mgamerz Productions will finally get some attention! It feels like I have struck gold in Android Development, which is great because I always wanted to develop for Android!
I love being a programmer ;)
The post isn't all about me though... it's more about the use of the SDK and how you will be able to use it in the future.

Sources n' stuff:
The news thread that went to my head
The Award-Winning Thread
MotoDev Contest (Give me Kudos so I can win!)