Sunday, August 7, 2011

What is GibberTalk?

I've done much blogging on this developer blog but I haven't done much explaining about what GibberTalk is.

GibberTalk is a research project started in STEP at BSU back in September 2010 and eventually turned into a working email encryption program known as GibberTalk Desktop. It was further developed and accompanied by an Android version when LSAMP took over funding control in May 2011. Additional desktop tools are being developed for the desktop version at this time. None of the main parts of GibberTalk (GibberTalk Mobile, GibberTalk Desktop, GibberTalk Group Generator) are done yet - but they will be soon and I will update this blog post to reflect that.

GibberTalk is a group-based email encryption program; meaning that if you an I are in a group, but bob is not, you cannot talk to bob and bob cannot intercept our messages and read them because he is not part of our group. It is aimed at Business/Enterprise/Research sectors where people need to talk in a group privately.
It employs (as of now) 2 methods of encryption - RSA and LFSR. Updates right now for the Android version will include BioMetric (Fingerprint Scanning) security and message hashing with SHA-2.
GibberTalk is designed to be used with phones but can also be used on a Desktop that runs Java.

More Information about GibberTalk was provided at the LSAMP Poster Session demonstrating my research - I've recorded a poster session (granted its not interactive - but feel free to leave questions in the comments section!) that isn't as good as a live one but it will guide you through what GibberTalk is and hopes to fill for a niche.