Monday, January 24, 2011

Class Assessment

So I'm starting work again this week. I just don't know when cause Dr Sheepers hasn't got in contact with me yet. He got my schedule, but he hasn't told me of a time he can work. I met the other 2 step students (two apparently), but they sure take their time in getting their stuff set up. I'll have to help them with their blogger accounts (google accounts really).
I also have learned that my Calculus course SUCKS. I have a first semester teacher, and the room is like sound proofed and there's a window in the back, so there's NOTHING to distract me from the teacher. Which you think would be ideal, but the tone of her voice and the way she teachers is just... annoying... I really don't like it. It's like stuff that puts you to sleep. One minutes she's talking about stuff I know about, and then it's like FORMULA FORMULA FORMULA! I have no idea what's going on anymore. My teachers now decided they'd rather use their own sites instead of blackboard, and while I hated blackboard, at least it was all in the same place. It's like having crap all over the place or crap all in one place. Take your pick.
Some quick Did You Knows:
My philosophy class is most likely going to be my fav class cause my awesome teacher, Andrew... Clark...s? I think?
My Calc and English are by far the worst?
I got a 93% on my initial assessment when I only needed a 70%?
You're reading this?