Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Logo Designed for MP Cryptographer

I've designed the logo (for the most part) for MP Cryptographer. I'm going to change the name, but I just haven't got that far into it yet. I've got a couple of ideas but first I need to see what limitations android is going to bring to the table.
Icon is still subject to change

Monday, June 27, 2011

Status of Android/Java MP Cryptographers

I haven't posted in a while, and no I'm not dead.
I've updated MP Cryptographer Java version to include signing (but not yet de-signing). I'm working on the Android version because my professor seems to not be replying back to me. I have made some progress and have now started working with the sensors.
Sensors Screen (Activity)
An accelerometer is not a 3D compass like I had thought. In a sense it is, because it uses electromagnetic fields to determine distances. When you move an object, not everything moves at once, and changes in the electromagnetic field occur when spacing change and that's how it can calculate acceleration.
This will be used with random number generation.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Development Preview

It's not much, but for accomplishing it in about 24 hours (from knowing nothing except some java), I think it's an accomplishment. This is the settings window, it's not even close to done (they dont' do anything but allow input, but they don't store anything). This is accessed via the 'landing' activity (aka the screen that comes up when you open the app).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Android Development

So today I can now call myself an Android Developer. I hooked up my phone and got the debugger bridge going, it's actually quite cool. Eclipse can pretty much take control of my phone and launch my debug programs at will. The debugger is kind of slow on it though cause it has to pipe quite a bit of code back and forth (I think?).
My target devices are 2.0/2.1+, but I'll maybe be able to go down to 1.6. I was originally going to work out a small twitter app (via going through a book), but the book doesn't seem to have any updates (it has a web version that gets updated) to fix the fact that Twitter requires oAuth to login and not just login credentials anymore, so the book doesn't get very far before it breaks.
The main thing that is different is the GUI layout and how events with the GUI work. Most of my working code will be portable, it's just once again making the GUI (sigh) work once again.
On progress notes, I have made MP Cryptographer (Desktop, perhaps the other will be mobile?) work with Gmail sending. I'll be making it configurable soon.