Monday, August 22, 2011

Featured once again on XDA

I have once again been featured on XDA. And yes, it is going to my head. Again.
Link to the article
This time for Log This, my app that is 'unquestionably useful'. I had a great idea, and it has finally come to fruition. Thank you Android. I don't think I could have done something this great without you. I will no doubt be updating it soon and continuing in my developer adventures.
As a side note, I can't update as often as I have Java, Digital Logic, Psychology and Calc II this semester, all of which is going to be a huge on my time.
GibberTalk will still be made, I was talking with my mentor today about some issues that have arisen with signing. I am going to be looking into these showstoppers and hopefully patching them up.
That's all for this update. Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Obtained Tablets

As most of you probably know, HP has killed webOS (at least, hardware for it) - and their Touchpads, previously $500 and $600, were slashed 80% to $100 and $150. The hardware inside - 1GB ram, 1.2Ghz snapdragon dual core, among others, is valued at over 300 dollars. I picked up one on HP's site (which was a nightmare, and their preparations for an event like this was absolutely none - so I don't expect to ever buy HP hardware again.), and possibly another for my girlfriend.
I'm not interested in webOS, I really, really don't care. I know android will be on it, and then I'll have a tablet to develop on that doesn't suck. It just need a GPS, but I can live without one.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Android App - Log This

I came up with a ingenious idea for an app called Log This, and I am releasing it today. It only took a day to create but the purpose is useful.
As a developer, requesting the READ_LOGS permission is risky - it scares away a lot of users. My app uses this, but is meant to be used by developers to request their end users to send in debug logs - one app to log em' all.

As an end user, you can install the app and help out your developers when they need debugging on specific phone models - provided they have logging enabled (perhaps via a logging mode).

It's available for free on the Android Market - and runs on devices using 1.5 and up (all android devices).
Download LogThis for Android

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Featured on XDA-Developers Home Page

While technically I didn't have a big feature here, I was somewhat in the news for my... tomfoolery with the new Authentec Fingerprint Scanner SDK for Android, namely the Motorola ATRIX. I put together an FAQ/Guide to problems that are in the SDK Documentation and items that aren't described that well. That got me featured on (their homepage of their 4 million+ member forum that is renowned for it's development and hacking of phones).
Probably my biggest breakthrough yet.
I have also entered the Motorola MotoDEV contest for fingerprint scanner uses - so far there are no competitors, but if you win (by having the most kudos) I get featured on MotoDEV and that will be great for me because Mgamerz Productions will finally get some attention! It feels like I have struck gold in Android Development, which is great because I always wanted to develop for Android!
I love being a programmer ;)
The post isn't all about me though... it's more about the use of the SDK and how you will be able to use it in the future.

Sources n' stuff:
The news thread that went to my head
The Award-Winning Thread
MotoDev Contest (Give me Kudos so I can win!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What is GibberTalk?

I've done much blogging on this developer blog but I haven't done much explaining about what GibberTalk is.

GibberTalk is a research project started in STEP at BSU back in September 2010 and eventually turned into a working email encryption program known as GibberTalk Desktop. It was further developed and accompanied by an Android version when LSAMP took over funding control in May 2011. Additional desktop tools are being developed for the desktop version at this time. None of the main parts of GibberTalk (GibberTalk Mobile, GibberTalk Desktop, GibberTalk Group Generator) are done yet - but they will be soon and I will update this blog post to reflect that.

GibberTalk is a group-based email encryption program; meaning that if you an I are in a group, but bob is not, you cannot talk to bob and bob cannot intercept our messages and read them because he is not part of our group. It is aimed at Business/Enterprise/Research sectors where people need to talk in a group privately.
It employs (as of now) 2 methods of encryption - RSA and LFSR. Updates right now for the Android version will include BioMetric (Fingerprint Scanning) security and message hashing with SHA-2.
GibberTalk is designed to be used with phones but can also be used on a Desktop that runs Java.

More Information about GibberTalk was provided at the LSAMP Poster Session demonstrating my research - I've recorded a poster session (granted its not interactive - but feel free to leave questions in the comments section!) that isn't as good as a live one but it will guide you through what GibberTalk is and hopes to fill for a niche.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Downtime

I'm setting up a domain name so if you are trying to read my posts and the blog goes down, don't worry, it'll be back soon. I'm adding but it hasn't fully propagated yet and the instructions are confusing.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

GibberTalk Launch Delayed [but for a good reason]

Just like Gears of War 3, I've delayed GibberTalk release to upgrade some components. I've learned just moments ago that AuthenTec, the developers behind the code for the Fingerprint Sensor on the Motorola Atrix 4G (My phone), have just released the SDK so that you can now build applications that can use it! That will be incredibly useful in my application of unlocking the keyrings. I'm also upgrading the Group Generator because I'm thinking it still has a few issues that pop up with the nextProbablePrime() function, and now it has a group editor and validation tool that enumerates every user. I still plan on an August testing date, but do know that I'm still working on it!